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Top 10 at 10 no.2

August 26th, 2009

I’ve had a resurgence of late with my posterous account. This due to a few reasons. My new iPhone, near new daughter Lola Grace and the excellant Pic Posterous app. Im also taking big steps into the IA world (I believe the saying is chucked into the deep end) so will chuck in a few useful posts for newbies.

Posterous, Pic Posterous and Tumblr

Information Architecture for beginners, sink or swim

Im a sucker for bold bright lavish design and Smashing mags latest post on festival design fits the bill.

And finally… Beautiful pictures, 8 Cities That Might Not Make It.

Opiki bridge

Reminds me of the Opiki suspension bridge in the Manawatu.

I would love to hear from anyone else digging deep into IA, any nuggets of wisdom or links would be much appreciated.

Weekly wrap-up number 2

August 21st, 2009

A small wrap of stuff this week. It’s been a busy one with barely a blink to capture stuff outside of work.

If your into Dj sets as opposed to band albums or tracks check out a new online music startup called mugasha. It’s pretty sweet though I Can’t find Shadow on there yet.

Google maps gets busy using locals to make the maps wiki style. Nice.

Crowdsourcing rocks! It’s what powers my favourite company Theadlesss

Check out this awesome bike cover. Im not so sure how it will work in a Wellington wind though.


Don’t let branding kill your brand

And finally. The Golden age of advertising. These are almost like some sort of weird alternate reality shift. Wicked!

Top 10 at 10, well 2

August 18th, 2009

Ideally this will be a quick post of my top 10 links at 10am on a Tuesday. In this case it’s more of an afternoon slot. Time being what it is not many things happen according to the clock, this is no exception. Enjoy.

Wicked stuff

!Free! Radiohead’s new track “These are my twisted words”.

The new Facebook for iPhone 3.0 app.

Unique tv shows that inspire creativity

Web world

Redesigning your own site. Let me say with the re-design of Lushai taking many months and itterations, I know the pain.
and on the subject of re-designs have a look at another artcle from ALA on the Erskin website redesign.

On the subject of art direction and web design. Have a look at Gregory Woods site. Gorgeous.

Good stuff

I love this! Shows what good people really can do.

Scotland does what NZ should be doing. It’s ethical duty.

It’s great t see a HUGE company taking a real stance and making a change for the environment. Go Walmart go!

And finally…Awkward family photos, ummm yeah

Weekly wrap-up

August 13th, 2009

This the first of many (fingers crossed) weekly wrap-up articles I will be posting with and insight into the wild world of web as seen by me over last week.

Highlights this week include the news that Microsoft word is banned from Texas?! and
This edition is playing catchup as it was started a few weeks ago but I wanted to hold it off until our new site was released. Some of the links a re a few weeks old now but it’s all worth a look I say.

All that social media guff

Twitter has a new front page. Mashable ponder over what and why?

Hootsuite. The professional Twitter client.

General web news

YouTube finally launches their new interface for the masses. Have a read of their blog post about the updates.

Everyone loves firefox(well I do), it may not be the fastest horse on the track but it’s the most versatile. Firefox 4.0 is on the horizon and Mashable have some early screenshots.

Apparently Apple don’t do market research. Pretty interesting article from Bokardo on why the hell not. And here is the og quote.


Myself IM a fledgling UX designer, Lulu is the jedi master. Nick Finck writes a good post about Starting a career in User Experience Design and this post on ’10 Common misconceptions about User Experience Design’ offers a great understanding of what it’s all about.

Visual treats

Web designer depot talk about ‘The dos and dont’s of dark webdesign’.

In spite of the striking visual impact that these dark designs can have, many designers don’t know how to effectively pull them off without turning off the visitor

It’s a well written article with some great points.The one re-occuring theme seems to be white or dark space. They also reference the beautiful New Zealand based Black Estate website. Nice.

A nice read on the virtues of old tech from Jason Santa Maria. I always love the visual richness and variety in his posts.

I love colour so this little stumble is well worth a read. Incidently I can’t recommend highly enough, such a great resource for anything colour related and it’s fun to just troll on through.

You press the button. The story of Kodak

And thats a wrap.


August 12th, 2009


myBLOCK provides support and toolsfor offline communities to organise events and spread the word about their work within a locality.

myBLOCK needed a help from concept to vision. We have worked closely with myBLOCK founder Anne-Marie to unravel her vision of a better world, to our first milestone, the promotional website. We still have a long way to go, getting funding and building the main site. Watch this space.

GeekSpeak website

August 11th, 2009

GeekSpeak helps local businesses get their presence and offerings online.
Lushai provides visual designs for the websites they build and deliver to their clients. We are proud to be their partner in helping businesses get value out of the internet.
Lushai carefully crafted GeekSpeak’s own website to suit their client-base and cms platform capabilities.

Visit Geek Speak live website »

Design Point Architecture – Geekspeak

August 9th, 2009

Design Point architecture required a minimalist design introduction leading through through a rich detailed path of projects and history.
Design Point architecture is designed for our partner company Geekspeak

Visit live site »

NZ Post – Lifestyle Survey

August 4th, 2009


Lushai provides various experience design services working closely with their Digital Channel. For this project, they needed a custom interface that was to be built on top of their existing survey tool RightNow.
Lushai provided NZ Post a set of guidelines and patterns for this survey and HTML templates for developers to easily integrate with the existing systems.