Weekly wrap-up number 2


Jotted down by Brent
on August 21st, 2009

A small wrap of stuff this week. It’s been a busy one with barely a blink to capture stuff outside of work.

If your into Dj sets as opposed to band albums or tracks check out a new online music startup called mugasha. It’s pretty sweet though I Can’t find Shadow on there yet.

Google maps gets busy using locals to make the maps wiki style. Nice.

Crowdsourcing rocks! It’s what powers my favourite company Theadlesss

Check out this awesome bike cover. Im not so sure how it will work in a Wellington wind though.


Don’t let branding kill your brand

And finally. The Golden age of advertising. These are almost like some sort of weird alternate reality shift. Wicked!

  • Vegan Hippie

    hi there, loving the bike cover, where did you get yours? i’m interested in purchasing one as i do a lot of biking, thanks. vegan-hippie@live.com