Top 10 at 10 no.2


Jotted down by Brent
on August 26th, 2009

I’ve had a resurgence of late with my posterous account. This due to a few reasons. My new iPhone, near new daughter Lola Grace and the excellant Pic Posterous app. Im also taking big steps into the IA world (I believe the saying is chucked into the deep end) so will chuck in a few useful posts for newbies.

Posterous, Pic Posterous and Tumblr

Information Architecture for beginners, sink or swim

Im a sucker for bold bright lavish design and Smashing mags latest post on festival design fits the bill.

And finally… Beautiful pictures, 8 Cities That Might Not Make It.

Opiki bridge

Reminds me of the Opiki suspension bridge in the Manawatu.

I would love to hear from anyone else digging deep into IA, any nuggets of wisdom or links would be much appreciated.