Making hazardous work places safer with user centered design.

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Industry smart are transforming safety management in high hazard work places. They have developed a product that replaces multiple time consuming legacy systems based on manually checking individual credentials carried around by workers, with a single cloud based system that is more efficient, more reliable and more effective.

What we did


Industry Smart came to Lushai to get help solving complex UI problems and to ensure the system they were developing was fit for purpose in a demanding work environment. We visited high hazard workplaces from Taupo to Wellington observing safety management practices and talking to workers, site managers and company owners. We observed use of an early version of the product and identified design challenges such as the availability of phone networks in remote areas and the limits of using cheap smartphone screens in direct sunlight. We unpacked this research in a workshop with the Industry Smart team putting the insights straight to work in our design effort.

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White board with user journyes on it

User Experience Design

Lushai developed high level proposals for design solutions to address our research observations and quickly refined these into detailed wireframes and graphic designs. Working closely with stakeholders and developers we created clickable prototypes of the main flows to take into testing.

Industry Smart Deliverables

User Testing

We brought our prototypes out into the field and tested them with real workers, identifying areas that flowed well and areas that needed refinement. The results of user testing were folded directly into the next design round.

Services provided

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To design for people you need to know who they are & what they need. We can help you see yourself through their eyes.

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User Experience Design

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Prototyping &
Usability Testing

Test your design before it launches or find out how people really use your product or service.

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