Creating the world's first Jewish online museum.

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The Jewish Online Museum (JOM) is New Zealand’s first dedicated Jewish Museum. It brings together the artefacts, images and narratives of the diverse peoples and cultures that make up the Jewish diaspora in New Zealand.

What we did

Design Strategy

We identified JOM’s audience and clarified the purpose of the museum. Working with the Museum Director we identified key user groups and developed an overall approach to creating an engaging experience for key users. We created a series of design principles that would guide the information architecture, interaction design and graphic design of the museum.

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Information Architecture

We then developed a content model and site structure robust enough to cope with current, emerging and future content - content that is constantly expanding both in volume and complexity.

Page showing content model for JOM website

Interaction Design

Working in collaboration with graphic design studio Threaded we developed a responsive design to accommodate a diverse range of artefacts, stories and media and present it in an emotionally engaging way. Together we tackled simple challenges like index and content pages and more complex challenges such as content filtering and an interactive timeline.

Page showing wireframes for JOM website

Visit the the Jewish Online Museum now and discover the cultural, intellectual, professional and economic contribution of the Jewish community to New Zealand.

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Service provided

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User Experience Design

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