Researching small businesses for Kiwibank.

Woman doing workshop with Kiwibank

Kiwibank asked Lushai to help them understand the online needs of their small business customers better. We interviewed and observed a range of customers learning about their contexts and needs while validating emerging ideas Kiwibank had about how to serve them better.

What we did

User research

We ran workshops with Kiwibank to clarify research goals and identify what kind of customers we would need to talk to. We recruited users and organised interviews across Auckland. We visited bike shops, factories, gun stores, offices and homes and used a combination of structured interviews and observational research until we had enough data to identify major themes and to bring their customer’s stories to life.

People being interviewed

User testing

We created prototypes of emerging concepts and gathered formative data on the relevance of these concepts to their users. We took advantage of our face time with their customers to perform time-on-task testing which was used to validate potential solutions to the information architecture challenge they were facing.

Analysis and communication

Ultimately we created a presentation which told their customers’ stories and delivered a report linking those stories to the data and experiences that informed them. This report went on to inform decision making and support new business cases by giving Kiwibank a base of evidence to work from.

Samples from user researchr report

Services provided

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To design for people you need to know who they are & what they need. We can help you see yourself through their eyes.

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User testing on an iPhone

Prototyping &
Usability Testing

Test your design before it launches or find out how people really use your product or service.

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