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Alongside regular usability testing, Lushai has supported Contact Energy to better understand the experiences of current and potential customers.

Most recently, Contact asked us to help identify the different behaviours people exhibited when choosing plans and guide them on how to structure and present those plans to accommodate those behaviours.

We combined contextual interviews with prototype testing, comparing people’s past experiences choosing plans for different types of utilities (power, phone, internet, etc) with their reactions to prototypes of different designs for presenting plans being considered by Contact.

We looked for the processes people used when deciding which plan to select, looking for why some people did extensive research and why some did none. We discovered some large differences in behaviour when selecting a plan for power compared to selecting a plan for other utilities. This gave us important insights into how power plans needed to be presented for different segments of the public.

After comparing our data points of power plan selection, other utility selection, and reaction to the prototypes, we were able to create a matrix that advises how to present the plans to each group. We were able to advise how to balance the competing needs of some segments and recommend a process for refining and testing the different options being considered for website-based plan selection.

Image of the final report

Extracts from the final research report.

Services used in this casestudy

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