Research & Strategy

Research | Real transformation comes from a deep understanding of the people you serve. From uncovering opportunities to meaningfully engage in new ways to identifying the context that informs your most basic design decisions, Lushai uses proven methods such as user interviews and contextual observation to replace assumptions and guess work with evidence-based insight.

Strategy | Research and strategy are the keys to performance and opportunity. Strategies that deliver results are ambitious but founded in a deep and practical customer understanding. Lushai demystifies the strategy process and takes a design-led approach that helps organisations clarify their purpose, identify new opportunities and aspirations, and build a practical road map from where they are to where they want to be.

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User Experience
& Service Design

User experience design | User experience design is at the core of Lushai's practice. We are experts at identifying the digital experience your users and customers need and drilling down to the information architecture, user interface, graphic design, and content decisions that make it happen.

Service design | Every touchpoint at which your customer experiences you informs how they feel about you. We help organisations map out this journey and identify how to design each touchpoint for the optimal customer experience.

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Usability Testing
& Prototyping

Usability testing | At Lushai we are constantly running usability tests, and we have designing, running and analysing usability tests down to a fine art. Testing designs with real users allows you to be more innovative and take bigger risks, and shortens the time and cost of creating a great product or service.

Prototyping | Prototyping lets us experience, test and demonstrate design concepts in a concrete way. At Lushai, we help organisations create functional prototypes of new concepts as tools for internal discussion, to demonstrate to stakeholders and investors, and to test new ideas and concepts prior to full development.

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& Capability Building

Private training and capability building | Lushai are New Zealand’s most experienced providers of UX capability building for organisations. We have helped to build the design capabilities of some of New Zealand’s biggest companies and government departments through coaching, customised training courses, and tailored support programmes.

Public courses | We are committed to lifting New Zealand's design capabilities by introducing people to user-centred design through our training initiative UX Gym. Since 2014 we have offered the training and capability building services we developed to support our clients to the public through UX Gym. Courses are aimed at both beginners and people adding to existing skills.

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