Usability Testing& Prototyping

Usability Testing

Usability testing replaces speculation about a design’s effectiveness with certainty. A well-designed usability predicts very accurately if a person will be able to use an interface or service. For new designs, this lets us minimise risk and cost by identifying problems early when they are cheap to fix (and where users aren’t failing on a live product). For existing products and services, usability testing identifies not just where problems lie but what is causing them.

Lushai helps organisations clarify their testing goals, identify who to test with, and recruit users. We design, facilitate and analyse tests, streaming tests live to stakeholders, if required. Finally, we produce reports tailor-made for the stakeholders, product owners, designers or developers who need to base decisions on them.

Our experience and dedicated testing set-up means testing with Lushai is accurate and cost-effective. We have tested interfaces for huge televisions, tiny phones, and every device in between.

Common activities include:

  • Testing assumptions and goal-setting workshops
  • Sample identification
  • User recruitment
  • Usability test design
  • Usability test facilitation
  • Usability test analysis
  • Usability report creation
  • Heuristic usability reviews


Our prototyping service creates a mock-up of your product or service that can be used for demonstrating to stakeholders or for testing. This service helps organisations identify the goals for their prototype and identify the most effective method of prototyping.

From this, we create prototypes of both digital services and physical ones. These can range from realistic, interactive, and immersive prototypes to low-fidelity, basic mock-ups, depending on the goal of the testing.

Common activities include:

  • Goal-setting workshops
  • Prototype design
  • Digital prototype development
  • Physical prototype creation

Case studies featuring these services

Screen shots of the Childfund website

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Designing the ChildFund public website.

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Phone with Fly Buys website displayed in screen

Case Study

Designing Fly Buys, New Zealand’s most popular loyalty programme.

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The 2degrees app on an iphone wit a camera attached to it

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Usability testing the 2degrees mobile app experience.

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