The 2degrees app on an iphone wit a camera attached to it

Seeking a better experience for their customers, 2degrees asked Lushai to test the usability of their flagship app and investigate if there were any opportunities to extend the usefulness of the app for their customers.

Working closely with 2degrees, we designed and facilitated a series of usability tests combined with semi-structured interviews, identifying (and recruiting) a sample of users who represented a range of 2degree app-user behavior profiles.

We used standard usability testing ‘time on task’ methods (with 2degrees able to view the tests live through a video feed), and our interviews focused on identifying current and past behaviours, looking for problem areas that the app might be able to help with and barriers to taking advantage of the features the app already offered.

After we analysed the tests, 2degrees elected to iterate the existing version of the app, using our recommendations to improve the overall usability and user experience. Almost exactly a year later, we repeated the tests using the same sample and methods, recording across-the-board improvements in usability, an increased positive perception of the app, and increased use of the app as the preferred channel for 2degrees customers.

Woman conducting a usability test

Services used in this casestudy

The 2degrees app on an iphone wit a camera attached to it


Prototyping & Usability Testing. Finding out if it works in the real world with real people.

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