Research & Strategy


Lushai are trusted experts at designing and running cost-effective research that gives organisations rich insight into their users and customers. This insight includes who the people they are engaging are, what their motivations and needs are, barriers and opportunities, and the context in which they are experiencing the organisations’ products and services.

Sometimes called user research or customer empathy, design research differs from market research in that rather than asking people what they want, we are interested in what they do. This is because asking people what they would do is often a poor predictor of what they will do, whereas past and current behavior tend to be good predictors of future behaviour.

Common activities include:

  • Research design
  • Recruitment
  • Fieldwork and data gathering
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Research communication and engagement


Lushai specialises in design-led, evidence-driven strategy. We help organisations marry their ambitions with the realities of their users and customers.

As part of our process, we help organisations clarify their internal capabilities and define their purpose, using our research capabilities to create deep customer insight. Using this insight, we guide organisations through the areas where the people they are serving and their own business needs overlap, identifying new opportunities, and testing the potential and feasibility of possible strategic approaches.

We offer strategy at both organisational and product levels. Strategy can be about organisational transformation, but it can also be about product transformation, purposefully guiding the design of great products and services that create opportunities by authentically engaging and serving customers.

Common activities include:

  • Purpose workshops
  • Assumption workshops
  • Strategy formulation
  • Strategy prototyping and validation
  • Strategy communication and engagement

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