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Work / Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

Researching how people engage with science and the environment.

Landcare are responsible for scientific investigation into New Zealand’s natural environment and wanted an in-depth understanding of how to present their work in a way that would appeal to all New Zealanders.

Lushai conducted contextual interviews across the country, collecting people’s stories about how science-based content has affected their lives, what content they had engaged with, and what content had failed to energise them. Instead of asking people what they wanted to see (a poor predictor of future behaviour), we looked at what they had responded to and shared in the past.

Based on this research, we created a matrix of what kind of content would appeal to what kind of person. We identified four main behavioural profiles along with what subject matter and type of content were likely to appeal to each group.

To make sure this research gained traction inside the organisation, we created a range of reports and visualisations aimed at different stakeholders. These ranged from a formal written report to personas and customer journeys tracking the public’s experiences across their engagement experience. This work will be used by Landcare to identify what aspects of their work are most relevant to the New Zealand public and what style of storytelling is most likely to be sharable and engaging.

Map of NZ with areas Lushai did research highlighted
Postit board of research insights

Unpacking our interviews after completing initial research across New Zealand.

User journey

A user journey developed for Landcare showing the experience of discovering, engaging with, and sharing science and environment-based content.


Evidence-based personas designed to help Landcare understand the main behaviour profiles we observed. These personas are designed to strip our insights down to a level where they are easy to engage with for time-poor but highly motivated Landcare members.

Services used in this casestudy

Large printout of persona


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