Training & Capability Building

Private Training & Capability Building

Lushai were one of the first in the UX industry to recognise that our clients needed to develop and maintain their own design capabilities if they were going to maintain and extend the work we did with them. We developed programmes to build our clients’ internal capabilities, and we extended this service to any organisation that wanted to build a strong design capability or to be more effective when collaborating with external design partners.

We help organisations identify where they need help and create customised support programmes. This may include coaching or mentoring, dedicated training programmes, or help with developing and implementing good design processes.

We are now New Zealand’s most experienced providers of UX capability building and have helped to build the design capabilities of some of the country’s biggest companies and government departments.

Common activities include:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Customised training sessions
  • Design process development and implementation
  • Design critiques

Public courses

Since 2014 we have committed to lifting New Zealand's design capabilities by introducing people to user-centred design through our public training initiative, UX Gym.

UX Gym offers user-experience and service design courses, where you experience design techniques first hand and can put what you learn into practice straight away. Our courses are aimed at both designers and non-designers looking to add to their skill base and gain practical UX experience. Courses are aimed at both beginners and people building on existing skills.

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Courses include:

Case studies featuring these services

People looking at postits

Case Study

Capability building for the Sovereign Insurance UX team.

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