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Sovereign Insurance (Now AIA) take customer experience seriously and wanted help to ensure a high level of expertise in user-centred design across the team in their User Experience Lab.

Through our training initiative UX Gym, we took their already experienced team through a series of customised courses covering research, information architecture, UI design, and usability testing.

The team learnt foundation principles and common methods, putting what they experienced into practice on practical projects throughout each session to ensure they could apply what they learnt as quickly as possible to their regular design practice.

When we were lucky enough to accompany them during one of their research-unpacking sessions after the courses, we were rewarded with evidence that they were putting their new skills to good use, using the methods covered in the workshops to build a deeper understanding of their customers.

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Creating rapid prototypes as part of Sovereign User Experience Lab’s UX capability building.

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People looking at postits


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