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Every touchpoint your customer experiences you through, informs how they feel about you. We help organisations map out this journey and identify how to design each touchpoint for the optimal customer experience.

What we do


Lushai projects are collaborative. In the planning stage we work with you to identify what your organisation needs from us to make the project a success. We establish budgets, deadlines, stakeholder needs, technical needs and process. Different types of organisations have different needs and getting this right sets the project up for success.


We help you learn about your customers. We observe and interact with them to find out out how they experience you and how that experience supports or fails them. We map their path through each touch point and create visualisations to help your organisation understand and empathise with the people you are interacting with. These may take the form of personas, journey maps, videos, mockups or prototypes.


We help you design your service to better serve your customers and better achieve your goals. This may take the form of a service design blueprint or we may liaise directly with your stakeholders and other service providers to collaboratively identify how to make positive changes. We may help you collaborate or codesign with your users to design the service they need together.

Testing and prototyping

We prototype and test service concepts to replace theory and assumption with evidence. We help you define the level of fidelity needed and prepare tests that have valid results. We help you synthesise the results of these tests and identify how to take action from them.

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