Test your design before it launches or find out how people really use your product or service.

Woman on phone with user testing camera attached

Usability testing replaces speculation about a design’s effectiveness with certainty. Prototyping lets us experience, test and demonstrate design concepts in a concrete way. For new designs prototyping and testing lets us minimise risk by identifying problems early when they are cheap to fix and there is less cost to failure. For existing products and services we use it to identify not just where problems lie but what are causing them. Testing designs with real users allows you be more innovative, take bigger risks and shortens the time and cost of creating a great product or service.

What we do

Test design & recruitment

We help you to clarify your test goals, identify the users you need, and design a script most likely to get you valid results. If required, we recruit users and nail down the logistics of getting your design in front of people.

Prototype development

We identify the most valid and cost effective method of prototyping your design and create a prototype that can be used to test and experience it.


For in person or remote testing we facilitate the test to make sure each user has a consistent and comparable experience and create an interaction that gets us the best possible data. For automated testing we ensure everything is setup to deliver valid, comparable results.

Analysis & synthesis

We observe the tests and analyse the results identifying pain points, opportunities and recommendations to take through to design.


We are experts at analysing, packaging and communicating testing results so they are positively fed into design. We figure out how to engage your stakeholders, planners and designers so they get the data they need to make good decisions and are working from evidence rather than assumption.

Case studies featuring usability testing

iPhone 4 phone showing Jewish Online Museum Website

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Design scamps and photos on a board

Designing for dangerous places

Helping make hazardous workplaces safer with user centered design.

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Less reporting, more teaching

Designing for teachers with the Ministry of Education.

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